Our people are accomplished professionals in producing healthy, nutritious and quality baked products to reach a wider consumer base.

The Bread Factory

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We Have Always Been Passionate About Baking Healthy & Nutritious Quality Bread

At our bread factory in Kota Damansara, Petaling Jaya in West Malaysia, healthy and nutritious baked products are made daily with the choicest of ingredients, the utmost care, quality and stringent controls in every area of production so that we can deliver to you, our valued customers the most healthy, flour free, preservative free and HALAL Compliant & Certified sprouted grains breads and other high quality baked products.

From the choosing of ingredients to the selection of grains, the water temperature, the sprouting (The Germination of the grains), the cleanliness of the utensils, the ovens and the production area for the entire operation is carefully checked and re-checked for any flaws during manufacture to produce the ultimate quality product. Our bakery employees are also strictly required to wear uniforms, overalls, face-masks and head-gear that are sanitized when working in the production room which is temperature controlled and isolated and enclosed from the rest of the factory floor. Each of these elements plays an important role in the overall baking process and we at the factory believe in keeping our premises ‘spick and span’. We are also currently going through the process of acquiring Global Food Safety Standards (HACCP) and International Quality Management System (ISO) certification.

Our factory with its modern equipment, highly skilled talent and manufacturing facilities is today producing thousands of quality baked products for families all over Malaysia. In the near future larger quantities of our products will reach a wider consumer base as our marketing and distribution efforts take effect. Together with our constant commitment towards Research & Development we are confident more products and more varieties of healthy & nutritious sprouted grain products are made available to every family and individual in Malaysia.

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Marketing & Distribution

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We Are Aiming To Reach Out To Wherever You Are

Our marketing & distribution efforts are taking shape, making in-roads at locations that are nearest to you. We are constantly promoting our range of products through social sites like Facebook etc., Road Shows, Point-of-Sale and In-Store Promotions. We also sponsor our products to charitable organisations and hospitals. We were recently involved in ‘The Breast Cancer Support Group’ in Johor Bahru and will also be one of the sponsors for the Sin Chew Jit Poh ‘Hunger Must Go’ ‘8 Hours Kidz Famine’ activity.

Our grand plan is to reach out to everyone. From major cities to big towns to small towns to little villages and districts throughout East & West Malaysia so that you and your family will enjoy and benefit from our nutritiously healthy sprouted breads. We can do this by our distribution network and by informing you of our products availability at retailers in locations nearest to you. We are also making efforts for our products to be available on-line through e-shops over the internet for your added convenience. With our large fleet of delivery vans, vehicles and distribution network partners we are very confident our products can reach you every day.

Currently our products, especially our sprouted grains bread are delivered to and consumed by more than 6,000 families and households within Malaysia. Our target is to have at least 20,000 families consistently enjoying our healthy breads within 2 years. With your continued support and our push towards making our nutritious products available everywhere, we are sure this is achievable.

Our Professional Team

It’s Our ‘People’ Who Make The Best Baked Products

Without a dedicated team of experts who passionately enjoy what they do, no product is going to be as good as it should be. Our entire team, from tea-lady to management are very good at what they do and this reflects in our organisations overall attitude. We produce the best products, the best service, the best marketing, the best distribution etc. etc and we do this with our very dedicated, professional & passionate team. In our business, which is manufacturing food products for consumer consumption, everything in the process has to be just perfect with a quality consciousness second to none.

Our employees are thoroughly trained here in Malaysia and also abroad, and practise their professional skills in the art of baking bread and other baked products to the highest level. Everyone involved in the production, manufacturing and baking of our products are informed and updated about new technologies, machinery, methods, processes, new ingredients, and latest trends in the bakery business so that our consumers get only the best nutritional products available.

Our professional people, our Bakers who actually are the ones who make and bake our quality products are very accomplished in the art of bread making. They have a thorough understanding and knowledge of grains and ingredients and know how each grain behaves during the sprouting process. Most of our Bakers have more than 8 years experience. Production of our sprouted breads is constantly inspected for quality and consistency by senior chief bakers from The Adventist Bakery in Penang who supervise and control the manufacturing process. This area of expertise ensures our products are made with the right grains, seeds and ingredients that constantly produce the best tasting, healthy and nutrition-rich baked products you and your family enjoy.

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